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Social Identity Relaunch
Target Audience

Affluent women aged 30+ who value craftsmanship, elegance and versatility from their fashion brands.

#SheIs Transcendent 

The St. John woman is the center of attention, framed strongly, representing her focus and clarity of self. Thumb-stopping power is achieved as she breaks the frame—conveying that she transcends any box.

SJK Transcendent 1.jpg
SJK Transcendent 4.jpg
SJK Transcendent 2.jpg
SJK Transcendent 3.jpg
SJK Multifaceted 4.jpg
SJK Multifaceted 2.jpg
SJK Multifaceted 1.jpg
SJK Multifaceted 3.jpg
#SheIs Multifaceted

The St. John woman is complex yet refined. She is made of multitudes and always looks simply put together. Thumb-stopping power is achieved with dynamic white space—a breath of fresh air in a busy feed.

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